Trade/ Vendors

2021 has been a tough year for us all, we know how hard it is getting back to how business was pre Covid. This is why we are offering a free platform for business’s to market what you do in return for a customer experience or competition prizes/ volunteer rewards to the value of pitch cost. Alternatively, if you want to keep it simple you can pay for a pitch (please see details below form).

    All outdoor stands are open space and Stand Holder will have to provide their own Gazebo/Tent and if needed generator.

    Usual Costs –
    Please advise size of Gazebo Pitch you will require and any other relevant details from the list below:

    3m x 3m Gazebo Pitch- £85.00 Per Day / Free 2021
    3m x 4.5m Gazebo Pitch – £95.00 Per Day / Free 2021
    3m x 6m Gazebo Pitch – £105 Per Day / Free 2021
    Banner Pitch – £40 – Advertise to 5000 attendees with a banner on our prime located advertisement fence
    Saturday/ Sunday
    Details of business offered in return in lieu of pitch cost. Please detail product, activity or time offered with a schedule of how the day or days will look.